Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm going to jump straight at this before I put off writing or later(yet again, which mind you, hardly happens) OR I suddenly decide its not worth putting up.
A friend of mine has lately started to have issues with his friend he is really close to. This guy, lets call him T, stays in the hostel with a group, including S who he particularly considers as a close friend. Both of them are in different branches, due to which they T gets to hang out with S only in the evenings, owing to his hectic schedule. And now S has got involved in a college activity, with a huge responsibility and workload on his head. Due to this, he keeps terribly busy with work and his workmates, and ends up spending much more time at the workplace than with his hostelmates. Everything was fine until gradually T started to whine about S "ignoring" or "forgetting" his old friends and getting "too obsessed with new ones". I couldn't understand why he had to get so worked up over such a matter, I was sure it wasn't too big a deal to raise alarms about. I tried talking to other friends about the reason behind his insecurity and if there was something we could do about it. What they told me was a bit startling. They claim that S was partly to blame for this as he has done nothing despite himself realizing the distance that has crept in between him and his friends. He chooses to turn a deaf ear to them and conveniently put his new friends in priority over them, almost every single time.It has further aggravated by his constant raving about his new work-friends, almost all the time when he is with these people. This puts them off naturally , and so they have decided to let go of him since they don't see any chance of things improving. S on the other hand, is defiant and cannot understand why do they have to get so paranoid over such a trivial issue, specially T. He maintains that it is unreasonable for them to demand his attention in the same old way, when he is keeping terribly occupied with work. It miffs him to see that they aren't being supportive of him having built a great camaraderie with his work mates and can't understand why they don't put up with him.
Amidst all this, I'm in a big fix. I can totally relate both sides and can't blame one side for the tiny crisis here, but I can't get myself to fix it all up either. It bothers me to see friends drifting apart for petty issue as this, and desperately want to do something to make them realize the dumb blunder they are making in giving up on their amazing friendship due to such a silly silly silly reason.

I feel like giving these guys one big punch each on their faces, to get them to senses. This will boost my anti-male-breed ego too :D :D :D
But on a serious note, I need ideas .......
Anyone ?


vandy said...

happens with me hell lotta times
but sorry no ideas
the only thing i do is let it be
& this does wonders :P

Dhupa said...

i cn keep on smiling reading this. . . .

G said...

@ vandy.. yaar it was LOL for us too till sometime back, but these jerks are actin absolutely crazy now.. I feel helpless :O

@dhupa: grrrrr.. :-|

D2 said...

What they need is some normal male bonding sessions over good food and drinks. Everything shall be reconciled between the erstwhile close friends. :D

G said...

@ D2: waaaaaahhhh !! Should've seen this coming from you :P
but on second thoughts, not a bad idea to rekindle male bonding... but i know a fact for sure that they are teetotalers :-|

Shrinivas said...

Things'll be easier if we know the people in question :P

G said...

@ shrini : LOL ! And you really think I'd do that? After letting ALL THIS out :-|
btw, matter resolved..atleast in my head..
these jerks can go to hell, seriously :D :D