Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#52 :-)

There are some people who happen to enter your life by merely a chance, but end up being stuck in your heart forever.. People you merely just met; gotten introduced to; started to work together with; smiled and ate together with. Little did you know that in these moments, you had begun to like those people and started to trust and open up to them. Little did you know, that 45 days of stay and revelry together in an institute during internship will cement a bond for a lifetime. A bond so strong that disregards distance and time. A bond that goes without having to say anything. A bond that you know is going to stay with you, come what may.

These are the people who made your summer the most special one. They are the ones who made fun of anything and everything about you, yet loved you dearly for who you were. These are the people who gobbled up your share of food while on an outing, but never forgot to save some for you while you struggled with your programs and missed you meals. They declared you crazy when you told them you forwent a foreign tour for this, and ensured that you had a crazier time with them, leaving you glad that you took that decision.

When they told you with tears in their eyes while you were leaving that they would keep in touch, you had a "yeah right, tell me something new" in your mind..while silently you wished for a "yes please" in your heart. Little did you know that they meant each and every word of it, and unfailingly do come poking in your life once in a while. They just have to know what is going on with your life, right from how your day went to what you wore for which occasion, failing which they don't think twice before unleashing a series of benisons at you, making you feel that dropping a nuclear bomb would have been a better option in such a case.
I say all this because its been an hour I have been staring at that one text in my inbox from Jay-B. I wonder how did she even know I was up at 4 am? "Talent hai hum main, dil ki baat padh lete hain" she'd say.With Jay-B With jay-B

You know there is something so magical about friendship. The one that comes with no terms and conditions. You have had a terrible day with a series of unpleasant events happening in a row, and are unable to sleep all night. While you are killing your time puttering over in your room, wishing there was someone awake at this point whom you could let all the negative thoughts to, there is a beep on your cellphone with a text from a friend, telling you how much she loves you and wishes to meet you. it says she has you on her mind right now, and promises to visit you in the next semester once she gets placed.
G, Miami, jay-B G, Miami, Jay-b

I can't stop smiling now. I am already beginning to get excited about the thought of meeting her and everyone else over again. Can't wait for the day when we'd meet, laughing and screaming our guts out and jumping and roaming around the city like retards, all over again. So now I have made up my mind to give another management entrance during my semester break, and choose a test centre in Delhi, ONLY so that I can fly down to the capital to be together with them all over again. I wish that day arrives soon =)


vandy said...

lovely,,,,u know these things matter alot

god bless u all

bhanu said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! pagal rulayegi kyaaaaaaa.......
love u sho sho much!!!!! n thankssss fr dis blog!!!
sach main m dyin 2 meet u all again!!! bas job lage .. sem ho fir bhaagke ajayungi jahan bhi hogi.. jammu ya bhopal...

Jaunty anima said...

awwwww....u sweetheart!!