Friday, June 18, 2010

#41 When everything is allright, and still its not...

Its late in the night and I am not able to sleep. I feel low sad and lost. I guess this has been happening for the past couple of days. I have a comfortable life here. Have loads of lovely friends too, its not like I'm lonely without friends and family here. Still something seems to be badly missing these days. I am not able to figure out what. Or maybe I do, but don't want to acknowledge that and hold responsible for the agitation going inside. For reasons I can and should handle but still having difficulty dealing with.
There are times when you act like a little kid, as much as you try not to. You have everything you could have ever wanted or asked for. God is more than kind to you. He gives to plenty of toys and mates to play with. But still you get hung up on that one candy or friend he chooses to keep away from you. You keep moaning and grumbling over it and begin to disregard all the other things you otherwise have with you and should be cherishing. Your entire energy gets channeled towards associating your happiness and peace with that entity and you can't seem to find a way out of this mess. It only builds up to your anger and desperation to disassociate yourself from the entity, only to end up thinking all the more about it and wanting it bad. Today was one such day. Everything about the day was perfect except that one nagging feeling constantly rattling at the back of my head, pulling me into gloom and punishing me for having an otherwise good day, like I was not meant to have one until the issue is well put to rest. And the damn issue just refuses to untangle ! Stupid stubborn brat :x
I decided to go around and speak to a couple of friends and try to confide my anguish, as if seeking instant solution from them. Only to realize that they are probably suffering from far more terrible woes themselves. One of them has his father seriously ill, another one having trouble with his family, while the one I thought was in a perfect dream relationship I could die to have, told me that he had to break off with his girl due to some unfortunate reason a month back .. I am too stunned to even remember what my problem is now. Can only recollect the words my nani used to and now my mother keep reiterating..... "nanak dukhiya sab sansaar"' [its in punjabi fyi, if you wonder.. please look up the web for what it means since
1. I'm lazy
2. I'll possibly just alter the meaning and you wont get it right ]
3. I'm stunned, dint i tell u? ....

Monday, June 14, 2010

#40 And the week that went just amazing....

It had to .. I needed a break from my mad life for a very long time now.. Two of the Six weeks of my internship here are already over and none of us has really gotten into the workig mode :D
These people have pampered us, with two COMPULSORY [yeah, they get mad at you if you refuse :O] tea-breaks between lectures (in the mornings ) and lab (in the afternoon), a bus to ferry us in lunch break to and back from the hostel which is just about 500 mts away, freedom to use the lab anytime of the day and do whatever (read: facebook and chat :D ) and absolutely no restriction on hostel timings ! I just love this life :D
So we took their liberty to a higher level and decided to bunk the lab on friday , with the overtly loud mouthed obnixiously friendly lab attendant supporting us, and went to a mall nearby. All of us interns made a genuine effort to hang out together and get to know each other, and so it turned into a riot. From running up and down the escalators trying to play hide and seek, to 5 people fighting over one tiny piece of chicken topping over the pasta dish, to attacking the box of doughnuts like wild animals devouring on their prey, to the game of truth and dare with only one standard question for truth ( kaun hai, kahan hai , kab se, kaise :P ) and craziest dares ever, it was a day to remember. The people stared at us with bewilderment while we ran and screamed around with each other like chimps in the jungle. I'm sure they must have been contemplating calling over the security! We all returned late in the evening with scores of photographs and tonnes of memories , and friendships made for a lifetime. It was decided that we'd go there every friday after lab to gorge on the doughnuts.........since they sell them at half the rates then :D
The weekend was spent in shopping and roaming around the city, fighting with the autowallas over fares ( bargaining ka naya naya josh :D ),getting into the wrong buses and making a fool of ourselves ! ( "bhaiya, saket jaane ke liye ticket dijiye" .."madam, yeh bus saket se aati hai" ),acting smart with the guys ( " hum to yehin se bus lenge" , "but yahan se toh IIT ko bus jaati hi nahin ! " ), and nearly vandalizing the tantra showroom in search for that one size and colour !! And oh yes, we did bump into Abhishek Bachchan too, who happened to be in the same mall that time for Raavan's promotion. I dint find him cute at all, wonder what girls drool over him for :O
yeh lo..aaap bhi dekho

But now , since the Monday has finally arrived ( kyun kyun kyun :( ), we are back to the lab, still not over the handover of the weekend together, waiting for out prof to assign our projcts. We'll be given a list of projects today , from which we'll have to decide out topic to work on for the following month, in groups of two... Watt lagne waali hai boss :O

Friday, June 4, 2010

#39 The week that went wrong...

Heyyyylo Blog waalon !

Back after a long hiatus, again :P Absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, nai? I'm honoured I've been missed by you, at least some of you… Please… Someone anyone… Tell me you missed me… Please please… I'll give you a candy... Chalo theek hai 2 candies... Nai? Chalo koi nai...............................sniff

Sorry for not being around for a long long time. Was absolutely jobless during exams, after which I got super duper bujeee... First with the vivas and the minor project, then the registration for the final year that I had to do before leaving for home ( oops, im in final year now :O :O ), and then dashing back to home at such a short notice. Parents had to leave for videsh to my brotherji's place, and I had to make it home the evening before their flight. The Chowkidaar had to be given duties, you see :P
And, since Mr. Murphy looooooooooves to put me through unnecessary adventures, he coaxed IRCTC into refusing me a tatkal ticket this time back home from college. Delhi main break lekar Jammu dhakke kha kha ke pahunchi ( read: the coupe was full of chattering and howling couples and kids and old auntyji's and flashy bunty's )
Meanwhile at hometown, I (was made to) stayed at my cousins' place more than at home, and couldn't surf net at all...for the online practice tests ofcourse ;)( . They finally let me off the evening before I was to head to Delhi, during which I could just manage to pack some stuff (and leave more behind, as I realize now) and seal the entire house for another month or so. Reached the station just moments before the train was to depart, dashing frantically towards my coach with my laptop, my cousin panting behind with my luggage, and his kids making way from getting squeezed in the chaos. I have never ever caught a train such dramatically. Little did I know , the drama was yet to begin........
The train started just moments after I got in, my cousin and his kids looking happier than me. I guess they were glad to finally get rid of me :O
I reached my seat to be welcomed by a bunch of uncles and auntijis and score of kids , and some more auntyjis staring at me like they saw an Orangutan just out of the zoo, one of them claiming my seat to be hers. Confident of this being some misunderstanding , i went up to the Ticket Checker to confirm who seemed more interested in earning some quick bucks form the guys with unreserved seats. He brushed me off by suggesting that i share my seat with that aunty!! Furious at his nonchalance and determined to get my seat back from that weird lady and retire for the night peacefully, i went up to the senior Ticket Incharge, who immediately turned around to me with a wide grin. Guess he thought he could make more out of a kid-looking girl. " hanji madam, boliye, aapki kitni RAC hai, confirm karni hai ?? Bhai 500 se kam nahin lagenge" ... Grinning at his stupidity, i snapped back " nahin, confirmed hai, ek aunty ko confusion hai, aap unki RAC kahin aur clear kijiye aur meri seat khaali karwayiye "

Dumbass right ????

ME !!

I HAD GOT IN THE WRONG TRAIN !!! That was one of the times in my life , when I couldn't help but stand there open mouthed. Too stunned to even begin to formulate a reply to the complete and utter idiocy I had committed, I could only gurgle out some inhuman noise that sounded something like " humph?? " followed by a gut curdling chill down the spine. Turned out that the train had the same name and route, with its number being 0414 , and the one I was supposed to take was 2414 and had got 2 hours late at the station. Too shocked and helpless, I had to give in to the man's greed and pay him his 500 bucks to let me travel in the same train. And that aunty, the very same mean auntyji, now feeling vindicated, consented to let me share her seat with the daughter !! Haye Rabba...

So finally , with all the adventures and misadventures, G landed in Delhi and somehow managed to make it to the IIT-Delhi campus, where she would me interning for the next 45 days. Thats not all, im in CSE and my workshop involves all Electronics. So i'll have to slog for the next few days with some electronics subjects and hardware design languages, catch up with these IITian's standards and somehow complete my project. I wonder why God chooses to drop shock bombs on me one after the other in a go. Right when I'm dealing with one mess-up, BAKOOOOOOOM !! yeh lo, ek aur, khaas aapke liye, ting !! I think we need to talk !

And as for the Railways , G has decided, shaadi karungi ( if at all ) , toh railways ke ticket incahrge se hi..

Abhi ke liye tata bye bye,
for more on my stay in this fantastic institute and the goof-ups here [please no, God , please please please no :( ], watch this space :)