Thursday, December 31, 2015

#107. Goodbye, 2015.

2015. The year that turned everything around for me. 

Took chances. Made changes. 

Dreamt wild. Aimed in the air. 

Worked hard at places. Got lucky at some. 

Freaked out. Faced challenges head on. 

Took tough decisions. Let destiny take over. 

Loved. Lost. Loved again 

Chased my dreams. Rekindled my childhood fantasies.

Fought. Made up. 

Pushed myself. Embraced discomfort. 

Changed environment. Adopted new surroundings. 

New people. New culture.

Observed. Reflected. 

Assimilated. Isolated. 

Stood my guard. Sought help. 

Broke down. Collected back together.

Felt more strongly. Expressed more freely. 

Realized what I want to do. Understood what I do not. 

Welcomed some experiences. Resented some. 

To the year that taught me the most, changed me the most, good bye. 

Here's to another year of endless memories! 2016, bring it on I say!