Sunday, August 7, 2011

# 74 Look the stars.... look how they shine for you

“Arsenal jobs are really good. But do you really want to
pick up and move to a whole new city
and start all over from scratch?”

- George Riley

Monday, August 1, 2011

#73 today is the beginning of the rest of my life

Close to one month of being in Bangalore. Seems like yesterday when I landed at this place with just a bag and a laptop, as clueless and nervous as ever at the thought of having to accept whatever this city had to offer to me. I remember clearly not being able to sleep in the hotel that night. I was a nervous wreck. The thought of entering the corporate world with not even an iota of idea what I am supposed to be doing was freaking me out. To add to my woes, my parents who were supposed to arrive after a couple of days to help me settle, had to cancel their plans at the last minute. To say I was devastated won't be an overstatement. So there I was, left all alone to deal with the world, along with just a couple of t-shirts and a pair of jeans, and a couple of 'new friends' I had made that day, who were probably as confused as I , if not more.
Fast forward a month, and say hello to a different me. I no longer dread this place, I have learnt to haggle with the localites in sign language. I have started to enjoy the blaring Kannada music in the cabs. I have decided to accept that a plate of two gulabjamuns costs 100 bucks, and there is no restaurant that serves north indian food I can even remotely relish. I finally managed to find a flat to live in, barely saving myself from being shelterless. I have stopped cribbing about the exhorbitant 2.5 lakhs rent security. I have fallen in love with the weather. I have started to embrace the city as it has embraced me with such a warm welcome. And the friends that I made on the first day ..... they are my lifeline =]
So today is going to be a beginning of an entirely new life. I feel like being born again. First salary credited to my account ( big wide evil grin ) , I suddenly feel empowered to make my own decisions, follow my own will, make my own choices. With luggage and scooty shifted to the new flat, I can't wait for office to end so I can rush to the apartment and set it up all by myself. Get the electircity, gas and net connections.Decide the decors and furniture and every little thing. Start experimenting in the kitchen. I know its not going to be easy, once the trianing ends and the project begins. I will most likely be fretting over the amount of load that'd be thrusted upon me from all ends. But somehow I find myself looking forward to all of that earnestly. I want to experience it all. Take charge of my life. Have a control over things I do and most importantly, on the things that happen to me. There cnanot be a better time than now to leave behind all the baggage and pick up new ones ;-)