Sunday, August 30, 2009

#24 Ramblings...

There are times when you feel so strong about expressing, but cannot figure out what exactly is going on in your mind. But you know you should because thats the only thing that'll keep you from doing things you shouldn't do. Yeah, pretty confusing, as much as for me as for anyone who even bothers to read this. I realise i have got into this phase since a long time now and cant figure out how to get out of it. Life has been going faster than i can keep up with it, and before i can get a grip of what happened at one juncture,just then another event turns the whole scheme around and leaves me addled..
All this time you were too hung up on certain tiny things in life you thought held some significance, and all it takes is one little incident to signify how important it becomes to break out of your intertia. Or maybe u already have, but never wanted to acknowledge. Its strange how unconsciously you start to resist changes and decisions, as trivial as holding on to your broken-unreliable-good-for-nothing-piece-of-box you call your cellphone or ignoring your roomie's requests to change the wallpapers to something girlie ( well..PINK!! ) or holding onto the decision of never riding a 2-wheeler only cuz you lost a friend to an accident once.. All it took were some freak people and chances to break that shell i had created around me. One I just dint want to break even if i wanted to, only cuz it had got engrained in my existance and i had resigned to it..
Sometimes, the weirdest things can happen in the weirdest ways and just when you think life is going somewhere steadily, fate decides to show you that she's still there and you must not take any juncture of life for granted..