Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#12 I saw... I liked....and I forgot :D

Less than a month is left for the term to end. Can’t even reckon how fast it just passed by,….err…no, the year just ‘flew by’. More than anything else ending, the fact that the final years are going to leave the college forever is unnerving. I’ve gotten deeply attached to a few of them, and the mere thought of spending the rest of my college life without them, gives me the jitters. I’m trying hard to escape the void that’ll be created…very soon.
Today I missed all the classes and decided to spend time in my room. Was going through all the photos and videos I had of the college, specially the ones with these friends. Two of them are from the same state as mine, so they are, in our college lingo, my ‘tech grand-dads’ . They are just like my real brother to me, like a family in the college. Soon, by default, their whole group ‘adopted’ me as their little sister.
So ya.. while browsing through the pics, I was shocked to realise what I failed to since last one year. Last march, we had our college technical and cultural fests. I was in 2nd semester and naturally knew hardly any senior except my two ‘grand dads ‘ and a few others. Amidst the busy chaos and commotion all around, I happened to meet one of them for a few minutes. He was with his friend who was naturally indifferent towards me. I remember getting a crush on him at the same instant. He crossed my path quite a few times that day, and everytime I couldn’t help noticing him, you know the eye candy thing that a teenager normally has ;) The day ended and I realised I would never get to see him again, and considering the kind of person I am, who wouldn’t like someone just like that, I simply dismissed the very thought of him as some stupid flimsy momentary crush, and forgot about him alltogether. Infact he never popped into my mind again. Period.
until now…. when going through the photos, it struck me that the guy…. the very same guy ….. is now ….. one of my closest seniors here…. one of my grandad’s friends….. and a very very good brother to me..
hmmmmmm….. *scratches head*

Sunday, March 1, 2009


"There is a definite meaning of all the words. How and when to use them, is an important point. The words should not to be used liberally and casually. One word may be traumatic and another one may be healing."