Saturday, May 8, 2010

#38 Those (apparently) in love

please stay away...

or atleast don't make a huge fuss of your love by talking incessantly about your boyfriends/ girlfriends or how much they love you and think of you and call you every half an hour. Good to hear that they share every bit of their day with you, where and when and why they are going and what are they wearing. But boasting about how they even tell you about what flavour of candy they are eating right now or what colour their undie is just not so impressive. Sweet and mushy it may sound to others to some extent, but no one gives a rat's ass in being told all the time about how they suck up every inch of your space and life. You people undermine the value and the sanctity of love, and there is no way your immature trumpeting of your undying love (which is nothing less than an attention-deficit disorder in reality) will get people to respect your relationship. There is a certain dignity about relationships that one needs to maintain, and that is only how you get others to respect and look upto you..and not by over dramatized display to the world of every tiny occurence with your other half..
I say this because I don't want to turn cynical of the idea of relationships and love to see people around me happy with their loved ones. Its a blessing I long for. But with people like these that completely change the definition of mature love, I can only get more repelled..