Tuesday, January 5, 2010

#31 Dirtiest prank ever

How do you feel when you are like this ".." close to achieving something you hadn't expected even in your wildest dreams, which by a terrific move of your fate is brought right in front of you that you start expecting it to be indeed meant for you. And then, suddenly by another terrific, rather terrible move of the very same fate,the thing gets snatched from you at the mere flicker of an eye, like it was just an illusion, a crazy trick for the mind. You somehow happen to make it to the top of an otherwise unapproachable cliff, and just step away from your destination, someone suddenly kicks you off the brink. And you are left bewildered at what exactly happened at the first place for such a thing to occur to you. When the thought of making it that close hadn't sunk in properly, your hopes are raised and then suddenly crushed in the cruelest possible manner..
So, what is the best way to react to such a situation? When you know it isin't your jig, but you are made to believe that it is , and then suddenly it gets taken away at the last moment.
The thing in question here being one of the most sought after companies visiting your college for internship recruitment, shortlisting you among 16 form the batch for the interview after a horrible written round, and suddenly in the midnight before your interview, striking 6 names off the list. Need I say what happened to G ?