Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#80. Of Pondicherry and 10 years with SAP

Yesterday we had a tiny celebration in the team. The manager had returned last week from a trip to Barcelona and brought chocolates and goodies for us. It also happened to be his 10 years with SAP.

" 10 years !!? " I ask. " How ?"

~ " Did you realize how you too are 4 months old in office already? Thats how ;) " . I get a reply.
" It seems like a vast ocean to me. And I'm still learning how to swim. Still not confident enough to take the plunge without holding on to someone. When will I be able to learn and get on at it entirely on my own. "

~ " You remember how three days back you were so scared of getting into water at the beach in Pondicherry? And how your entire team came together to build a wall around you to help you get in. Remember how they would hold you everytime you felt you'd fall. I saw how in no time you gained confidence and plunged in deeper in the water with everyone around you moving forward with you"

" Yes I remember, it couldn't have been possible without them. I loved how they helped me overcome my fear and blend in"
~ " There you go. You have the answers. It would work exactly the same way here. Everyone is there to help you out. That is why we all are a team, afterall."

PS: Had a team outbound to Pondicherry 3 days back.
3 days. 150 people. 4 buses. 8 hours journey.
Now I know what they really meant by Work Hard. Party Harder

Friday, November 4, 2011

#79 . T.G.I.F.

If there is any living creature whos happier than me for the week having finally ended- its ME.

From a friend coming over from another city to my place to us going over to our guy- friends' place for a sleep-over last weekend.
From a bunch of buffoons joking and cracking up a moment to a turn around of the mood the very next moment.
From a silly stupid haggling of two friends to an entire sleepless night looking for the girl disappearing from the place.
From clueless frantic search to a lot of revelations about our groupmates.
From a lazy start of week in office to the thrusting of a hectic training schedule for the month.
From the long holiday hangover to frantic preparations for the check session with the project manager.
From dreading a massive goof-up in the check session with the biggies in the team on Thursday to pulling off my demo quite well.
From a flatmate's midnight birthday celebration to beady eyes in office next day.
From the dinner party of the flatmate at a restaurant to another flatmate's horrifying sudden epileptic attack.
From raising a toast to the birthday girl's health to reviving the other girl back to consciousness the next minute.
I saw it all this week.
I'm glad the week is finally over.

Dear God, slow down please, pretty please.
Atleast until I'm able to sleep it all off. OK ?