Friday, May 29, 2009

#17 Freedom..

Birds symbolise freedom in its true essence. Everytime I see a bird in gently swooping down on a branch of a tree and breaking into a full throated song, I feel a longing deep within to join the bird on its next journey so I can learn its detachment to roots, its perseverence to rebuild every spring and most importantly its ability to let go and still be able to sing. This is something i'm still struggling to learn.To have a control on one's emotions and not let the emotions take over.To be completely in control of one's life - to be totally free and write one's own script all along the way. To be able to be here - in the middle of it all, love without owning, give without seeking,care without brooding, have without craving and live without holding -Is that not the essence of being free? Amidst all these worldly entanglements and cobwebs of life, work, responsibilites, relationships.. haven't we acutallly lost the real free spirit in us ? Does the song ever come naturally ?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

#16 When the cook in me was born :D

What happens when G is back home…?? She gets lazy to the highest order, obviously :P
What happens to her mum ?? She starts off with the much expected universal motherly harangues of G not taking any interests in the kitchen and still not being able cook anything on her own and how is she going to manage once she gets a job / gets married …blah blah..
What does G do ?? She hears but doesn’t listen, mum’s rantings falling on deaf ears. She replies with a groan, and gets back to quiescence again ;)
What does her mum do ? She gives up all hopes on G, praying to the Lords to instill some ‘lady-like’ responsibilities in the kid one fine day…
Then what happens when her mum n dad go out of city for a few days ? G decides to surprise her mum by cooking something for her :) The night they were supposed to return, she cooks ladyfingers with no darn idea in the world about which all ingredients to put and in what proportions. Relying on friends' instructions on the phone and a vague sense of approximation, she nervously sets out for the mission..

Then what happens to the concoction?? hmmm… looks pretty much like ladyfingers…tastes like the same too….except for……….omg….a little extra salt !! Dang !! G cannot even make a simple veggie to please her mum :(
What does G too.. prepares herself for another nice lecture from her mum when she returns. And brushes off all hopes of shopping with her this weekend..
What happens when her parents return late in the night?? Tired and exhausted, they freshen up and ask if there is something left of dinner to eat. G quietly serves them the veggie she made, fingers crossed, prayers on.

Mum’s reaction?? Scowl…?? no wait…… Frown?? …. Anger…??
one sweet smile, a hug, and her words that this was one of the tastiest things she’s ever had…
G….?? couldn’t have felt happier... She aint a bad daughter afterall ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

#15 Joke Sabha results...!!

Probably the first time im properly following elections and the results... Can't help getting excited and apprehensive at the same time about how the things are going to shape up in a few hours from now.. Though not too passionate about politics and the dirty games involved,i do feel strongly for having a strong stable honest and a good governance for the country.. Can't stand to see power hungry and good for nothing but mud slinging bunch of jokers running the country.. i type this, the news channels show UPA leading the count with an overwhelming 229 seats uptil now... So do we see it as the first party to return to power after completeing 5 years of term at office since 1984?? Can't help but wait and watch the great Indian tamsha and the battle to rattle...with the common man struggling as ever....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yea, I know. It's been a long time since my last post. It's always been a long time since my last posts, ain't it? Had so much of stuff going on in the college after my last entry…farewells, pre-exam movies, treats, parties n get-togethers, submissions, vivas, majors, post-exam movies, treats, parties n get-togethers !! Then the week after exams with the outgoing batch, filling in their diaries, going places with them, seeing them off….Dint know parting with them would get soo painful for all of us….Apart form that, got some nice new friends , found back a lost idiot friend, and yeah..had to lose a dear one too,….All this would leave me completely drained and exhausted to update anything..And then I couldn’t just break this blog-block :(
Guess i'll have to be more regular now that I’m at home for semester break.....ummm...well.....Terms n Conditions apply ;)