Friday, February 27, 2009

#10 A date with mush...and all that sentimental stuff, duhh

I have to share this with the virtual cosmos. I don’t care if anyone is interested in reading it or not. .

Past 18 hours were kind of a turning point in my life. Don’t remember ever learning so much and growing up in such a span. Learnt quite some deal about life, relationships, friendships, love, care, being there for those you care about. And most importantly, resilience…the spirit of never giving up, no matter what the condition… and supporting others in their bad times no matter how low you yourself are.
Well, remember K.C. ? The day I reached back from home( 4 days back), she met with an accident and broke her leg. 4 fractures…yeah… freaked me out badly on seeing her. Yesterday I decided to stay with her and her mother in the hospital to help them. It was quite touching and hurting to see her suffer so much but not displaying even a slightest hint of pain on her face. Nothing else but an assuring smile. Very inspiring.
The whole college flocking in to see her, or sending her their wishes.. no matter what the extent of acquaintance.. impressed me so much. 2 guys coming in the midnight to speacially get dinner for me because I hadn’t eaten in the night, touched me a lot. Thankyou guys ! I admit that even in a place where you’ll be surrounded by creatures who’ll be mean to the highest order…you will still find some souls who still believe in being there for others and make them feel special .
That’s not all. i have soo much to blurt but can’t find words to speak for my mind. As if all the commotion wasn’t enough, I had lots of other chaos going on at the back of my head, disturbing, bothering, annoying. A few of my closest people were suffering, which pained me more. A best friend badly sick and missing his placements in college , a brother going through a huge emotional turmoil , and another one at his lowest of spirits. Still keeping in touch to ask about K.C’s health ! Kudos to their spirit. Struck me so hard that my sorrows suddenly dint matter a bit anymore. What mattered was cheering them up in the best of my capacity..
Ah… sentimental ?? who says !!
That’s it for now. My mind is like jammed and buzzing with tonnes of neural signals. Feeling lost for words and drained of feelings, lol. Time for hibernation again, ciao !!

P.S. best friend, get well soon please. U don’t seem good lying down as a patient. U r much better when u bug and irritate and piss others so much :P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not many people were informed, but I’m back home. Hardly 10 friends by count, I guess. The plan was made so suddenly and at such a short notice that I did not have enough time to even meet my pals properly before leaving, or better, dashing off for the station.
Actually I wasn’t keeping too well in the past week. Infact not even a mile close to good, nay, OK health. Temperature which refused to drop even by a nano degree, was enough to allow my room mates to cook sizzlers on my soaring hot head.. Sore throat that could mute a gibber of me and an irritating incessant cough which no amount of syrups, antibiotics, gargles, hot water, etc etc could heal. So bad that for a moment I nearly considered an option of slitting and scooping out my throat. As if it was not enough, I had minor exams in the last 3 days, 2 subjects a day. Screwed them all up, obviously. Have written junk in most of the sheets. The weakness and exhaustion had taken over so much that I fell unconscious right 30 minutes before the first exam on the last day.
This is something I haven’t shared with many people. Only my room mates and a couple of close friends are aware of it. Dint want to bother everyone unnecessarily during their exams, though I know I shocked and ofcourse angered them pretty much when I announced suddenly that I had decided to leave for home right after writing the last paper.
The thought of going home struck me suddenly during dinner a night before. Had full confidence that it was impossible to get a ticket at the last moment in the train I travel, but was lucky to find only last 2 available. Like my friend K.C. says, He held my hand and walked me through when the whole cosmos was conspiring in closing all doors for me...
So that was it, only one frantic, freaky, crazy, n ya..funny hour in hand after the last exam to do all the packing, collecting the medicines, calling the auto, waiting for what seemed like ages only to find theres not one coming, panicking to see only 35 minutes left and no means to make it to the station, K.C. rushing to the store to buy stuff to eat and then to the atm to withdraw money for me, finally getting a lift in a jeep along with a senior who was also traveling in the same train coincidently, reaching the station at the last minute with me sprinting ahead with my food bag searching for my compartment while the senior and my two friends, Salo and Maddy trotted along with luggage, shouting at me pleading not to pass out until I was inside the train. We finally managed to make it in only to wait for it to start 20 minutes past its departure time!!! duhhh..
26 hours later, I reach home. Still coughing, still soaring hot, still weak, still lamenting over the minors…. But still in one full piece and definitely out of the hell :)
Happy belated valentines people. Hope u had a great day. I had one of the greatest ones.
Good night ( and thus I enter the world of hypersomnia :D )

PS: I’m again too lazy to think of a title for this post. Can’t help it, I’m bad at thinking up of titles and captions impromptu. I remember I have to help a friend give a nice catchy name to a portal he is planning to come up with. For all I know, I’m very sleepy and excited to be home to be thinking of names at this time :P

PS2: thanks a tonne to u two, sal n maddy... its was a great adventure ;)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Finally i change the template. I knew i had to do this long long long back, but do i need to remind you that procrastination comes naturally to me ?? When i created this blog, i was too impatient to publish the first post, lest i delay that too. So never really bothered to spend a lot of time selecting a nice template. Chose a random one, and it had to be my favourite colour.

No amount of persuation from friends or 'inner voice' helped, until a few days back i got this lovely comment from a senior friend of mine who said my blog was too pink that it nearly 'burnt' his eyes when he opened it !

Oh my God, it really did

So heres a new one,i don't care if its not outstanding or attractive. Its pretty decent and simple enough to serve me some space for my gibberish :)

dedicated to all those who pestered me hard to change the template, for those who felt it was too girly, those who hate pink, those who burn their eyes, who want me to complete my profile and put up my name.......... and yeah , those who manage to read my posts too :)

ps: im too lazy to think of an appropriate topic for this post right now......later