Saturday, February 7, 2009


Finally i change the template. I knew i had to do this long long long back, but do i need to remind you that procrastination comes naturally to me ?? When i created this blog, i was too impatient to publish the first post, lest i delay that too. So never really bothered to spend a lot of time selecting a nice template. Chose a random one, and it had to be my favourite colour.

No amount of persuation from friends or 'inner voice' helped, until a few days back i got this lovely comment from a senior friend of mine who said my blog was too pink that it nearly 'burnt' his eyes when he opened it !

Oh my God, it really did

So heres a new one,i don't care if its not outstanding or attractive. Its pretty decent and simple enough to serve me some space for my gibberish :)

dedicated to all those who pestered me hard to change the template, for those who felt it was too girly, those who hate pink, those who burn their eyes, who want me to complete my profile and put up my name.......... and yeah , those who manage to read my posts too :)

ps: im too lazy to think of an appropriate topic for this post right now......later


Alfan said...

Oh My comments...!!! :P :(

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i liked that pink colour
what matters is ur blog
not it's colour
anywayz new one is also nice
keep blogging :P

surbhit said...
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G said...

hehe ... how come no comments sir? :P
@ vandana, sub .. i liked pink too but this one was really too flashy.. what do u say.... bada gulabo ho gaya si [;)]