Friday, February 27, 2009

#10 A date with mush...and all that sentimental stuff, duhh

I have to share this with the virtual cosmos. I don’t care if anyone is interested in reading it or not. .

Past 18 hours were kind of a turning point in my life. Don’t remember ever learning so much and growing up in such a span. Learnt quite some deal about life, relationships, friendships, love, care, being there for those you care about. And most importantly, resilience…the spirit of never giving up, no matter what the condition… and supporting others in their bad times no matter how low you yourself are.
Well, remember K.C. ? The day I reached back from home( 4 days back), she met with an accident and broke her leg. 4 fractures…yeah… freaked me out badly on seeing her. Yesterday I decided to stay with her and her mother in the hospital to help them. It was quite touching and hurting to see her suffer so much but not displaying even a slightest hint of pain on her face. Nothing else but an assuring smile. Very inspiring.
The whole college flocking in to see her, or sending her their wishes.. no matter what the extent of acquaintance.. impressed me so much. 2 guys coming in the midnight to speacially get dinner for me because I hadn’t eaten in the night, touched me a lot. Thankyou guys ! I admit that even in a place where you’ll be surrounded by creatures who’ll be mean to the highest order…you will still find some souls who still believe in being there for others and make them feel special .
That’s not all. i have soo much to blurt but can’t find words to speak for my mind. As if all the commotion wasn’t enough, I had lots of other chaos going on at the back of my head, disturbing, bothering, annoying. A few of my closest people were suffering, which pained me more. A best friend badly sick and missing his placements in college , a brother going through a huge emotional turmoil , and another one at his lowest of spirits. Still keeping in touch to ask about K.C’s health ! Kudos to their spirit. Struck me so hard that my sorrows suddenly dint matter a bit anymore. What mattered was cheering them up in the best of my capacity..
Ah… sentimental ?? who says !!
That’s it for now. My mind is like jammed and buzzing with tonnes of neural signals. Feeling lost for words and drained of feelings, lol. Time for hibernation again, ciao !!

P.S. best friend, get well soon please. U don’t seem good lying down as a patient. U r much better when u bug and irritate and piss others so much :P


Chitranshi said...

Get well soon Kamya!
God Bless You both!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...
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vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

it seems u gals r hving tough times
bt yeah as u said these times teach u alot!!
u knw wat i wanted to get a fracture ever since i was a little child
bt i never got one
even nw i want bt.....
tkcare of ur frnd too!!