Sunday, April 22, 2012

#88. Hug mode enabled

I'm quite a silly girl ( most of my friends would love to argue on the use of word 'silly' but hey I am allowed to bluff on my own blog right? ) and tad bit of an emotional freak ( as much as I hate to admit and openly display ). Today I'm in such a mood where all I can do is smother someone will all my ability to love. Nothing special about the date, nothing great about my life at the moment. Just random impulse to hug and cuddle and feel happy. Because we all need a little bit of love once in a while to survive, don't we ?
This is a day when I need a hug and be told that I'm special. My presence in their life makes some difference, if not much.  And that is something I need to feel happy right now.

PS: Mother arrives in Bangalore in two days, first time after my joining. The visit has been due for a very long time now. I have no idea where all I'm going to take her in the city, what all I'm going to do once she's here, what she would be doing during the days when I would go to office. I have a million things running in my head, a lot of mental notes of things to do once she lands. But for all I know, I just want to hug will all my might and smother her will all my love :D 

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