Sunday, July 1, 2012

#89. Turning 23

23 things I wish to do / complete / accomplish / finally-get-my-ass-to-work-on this year

[in no particular order]
1. Revise the entire Harry Potter series. Yes this was the first thing I could think of !!  

2. Learn an instrument.

3. Be a part of the Ugly Indian Project. Join  them atleast on one weekend .

4. Finally figure out the perfect jeans size and fit for myself

5. Learn Photoshop ! ( I wonder whatever I did in college? )

6. Filter my Facebook Friend List. I've outgrown the stage of decorating friend lists .

7. Fall in love. Like real head-over-heels-crazy-mad waala love.

8.  Learn to recite Gurbani.
     Not just recite. Be able to understand each and every word and then recite.
     I really really really need to work on this. 
     Nothing in the word calms me down like Gurbani does. 

9. Make more and more use of Post-its. 
    Use them at workdesk. Use them in room. Use them in kitchen and washroom. 
    Make notes. Write messages. Reminders. Quotes.
    Drop them at friends' desks with little sweet messages on them. 
    Use them to make people around me happy. I love post-its.

10. Adopt a hair-care regime and strictly stick to it. Religiously. Before I go bald and 
      run out of tears.

11. Go on a trip to somewhere outside the city. Without phone. 
      Only a call to parents allowed.

12. Baby sit . 
      Just to test my patience. And tolerance to drool-poop-scream-sleep cycle for a company.

13. Over haul my wardrobe. 
     Get rid of the clothes I have been attached to for no good reason but never ever ever take them out to wear. On the other hand, go out for a day of crazy random shopping and try clothes I never thought I'd be able to carry. Challenge myself to come out of the comfortable checks-stripes-plain-loose-mostly blue and red-tees and shirts routine I am addicted to.

14. Be able to perfectly bake a cake and cook butter chicken. Not depend on chance to get the concoctions right.

15. Refer point 7. 
     If I succeed :
             Set up a filmy-style romantic candle-lit dinner for the guy and me.
     If I fail :
             Plan one for a couple friend. Or take a good friend out on one if the couple friend fails at the criteria of being one that believes PDA DOES NOT only mean posting sappy messages/ statuses/ photos of holding hands and pouting with cheeks stuck to each other's on Facebook.

16. Plan a trip / party / day out just for and with cousins. Catch up on years and years lost on what could've been otherwise the thickest friendships forged.

17.  Learn to wear and walk confidently with heels. Start wearing lip gloss. 
       Once in a while.

18.  Make peace with whatever that should not have happened but did. There is nothing that would change with my constant worrying/ analyzing/ over-thinking/ regretting.
Learn to smile and live with it.

19. Forgive and/or apologize and get back in touch with one friend lost in the 23 year long journey. 

20. Plan with brother and send parents out on a nice holiday.

21. Be able to do a 8 km run without running out of breath. 

22. Read the Gitanjali. Was supposed to do it on 18th birthday.

23. Be able to complete 100 posts on this blog ( fair enough right ? )

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