Saturday, March 31, 2012

#87. It has been a crazy busy month

.....this March.

Started with a major event in office that the team was preparing hard for. I and the other new-joinee < my team insists we should stop calling ourselves new-joinees now O_o &gt; were naturally a little apprehensive about how we were going to handle the clients, if any such situation arises; clients who are far more experienced and well-versed with the products and so very easily capable of ripping us apart with the barrage of queries. Thankfully, no such disaster struck and the event was a great experience to understand and marvel at how SAP run millions of business processes every minute.
The month was in general pretty busy for a regular routine, with the year end approaching and lots of tasks lined up at the office front. At the personal end too there were a couple of things to untangle and a lot more to welcome in life. I've kept myself busy enough not to think about bigger issues in life, letting myself just soak in the moments and living them one by one that I don’t want to look back in regret or worry about the future. Life is going smooth on the whole and that is a reason enough to celebrate.
And yes, I did not play Holi this time. Not only owing to the fact that it was working day here in Bangalore, also because of the fact that I personally dislike this festival and try to avoid it by all means. I was glad this time around no one could force me into the madness. Before you jump into your conclusions and start opining, please read about my failed relationship with Holi here.
Finally made a trip to Hyderabad and met two of my best buddies from college. It was great catching up with them, and getting back an almost lost friendship with one back on track. One crazy hectic fun weekend was all I needed to unwind myself from the toll the 9-6 routine had started to take on me. I have decided to make a conscious effort to plan such short random trips with friends so that I don't have to face the often-talked about burnout AND more importantly, to realize the importance of maintaining relations as much as career, if not more.
Speaking of catching up, Urvi's visit to Bangalore was something I was looking forward to for a long time. Although we did not get to spend a LOT of time, but it was nice meeting her and her amazing family. Also I got to use her brother's DSLR on my own and I'm more in love with it than ever. I am unable to get over this irresistible urge to buy one for myself, despite being well aware of my infamous past of getting easily bored with anything I get attracted to and immediately buy. But I'm sure THIS one purchase would not go waste,. hopefully.
Amidst all the jam-packed schedule and frantic weekends, my reading challenge has gone for a toss, sigh. I hope I'm able to pick up and be able to complete at least 75% of the challenge, which now seems bleak to me.
As the month ends with a weekend, and with the salary duly credited , the normal life resumes with all its obligations and routine chores to be duly attended to. Have decided to start focusing more on health and follow a decent < won't go overboard with announcing a strict> fitness regime. Also it is going to be a trying time ahead to make a couple of strong decisions about many fronts.

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