Sunday, September 12, 2010

#51 THAT friend

Don't you sometimes wish you had that one friend? A guy best friend. Since as long as you could have remembered. Played together. Ate together. Fought with each other. Grew up together. Did almost everything together. Only to realize how precious this innocent friendship is to you, how incomplete you are without each other? And so end up together. Forever. Happily ever after =)
I saw Aisha today. Result of utter boredom and monotony of placed-but-pretending-to-be-busy-with-CAT-so-can't-go-home phase of the final year. Hated to love it at some places, since its not the kind I'd associate myself with. But I was surprised to see how jealous I had got of the protagnist for wanting to have something she did. How impossible yet surreal the thought of having that friend in your life is.
I wish I was her.
I wish my life was a movie.
Ok, not THAT dramatic. But atleast eventful. A lot eventful :P
And oh with those music notes in the background too ;-)


Shrinivas said...

Nice post. Makes me want to watch the movie, though many said, it's bad !

G said...

haha.. don't watch it .. it is not that good.. unless you want to watch it for the same reason I did... in that case, i'm going to tease you even more :P

Shrinivas said...

Yeah right. Downloaded the movie. Read this comment. Deleted it off :P

Koo said...

Omg, i did a similar post after watching that movie :D
I sooooo envy her :(