Friday, September 3, 2010

#49 From one stranger to another

I just happened to stumble across Indian Homemaker's blog after a long time, and was shocked to read the latest posts on her space. She lost her daughter to dengue last month. My heart weeps out for mothers who lose their children in front of their eyes at such a tender age. How do they deal with the loss of those they give birth to, who have just started out in life ? IHM's daughter Tejaswee's letter to her future in her own blog link , is heart wrenching. The letter seems to have lifted off an unexplained and unknown agitation off my mind. I'm hooked to her mesmerising words and thoughts.
Tejasvi, here is to you. wherever you are. I don't know you, nor am I even remotely associated with you. Still I don't know why I'm compelled to do this. Seems like I have known you always, and will always do. From one stranger to another, Rest In Peace.


vandy said...

oh my god,,,it's really shocking

may her soul rest in peace

Aditi said...

it is actually heartbreaking to loose sm1 whose a part of you...may the good soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Chitranshi said...

i just felt a tear in my eyes after reading these posts!