Thursday, March 11, 2010

#33 Past imperfect, Present tense....

Today I opened the preparation material given by my coaching, something that I was supposed to have done 8 months back. But the proud owner of the lazy bum that I am, I kept procrastinating. After the CAT results and one Mock Test by another coaching centre in the city, some batchmates of mine have started fretting and begun preparing at a pace that makes us feel ashamed of our laziness. To avoid the embarassment and more importantly to pretend to be serious about my preparation ( and hence avoid feeling left out form the league), I picked up the Verbal Ability module book and picked up what i thought would be a cake walk- Reading Comprehension. Among the reading techniques and the deterrents explained, there was Regression that was stressed on quite a bit. It strongly discouraged the tendency of going back to the words and lines just read. It gets one stuck at the past thought and also slows down the reading progress to a great extent, resulting in a loss of comprehension and a lot of time.
This got me into thinking. Strange how the text I was reading as a part of my course had an uncanny similarity to the thoughts going on in my head since the morning, thoughts that kept me restless throughout the day. Isin't it very common in our lives for us to regress into the past? We tend to go back into the past thoughts and memories and somehow get stuck with them for a long time, and just don't know how to get out of them. We think we have well moved on with our lives and are doing just well will the present, when all it takes is one tiny memory from the past to hit our head and we start losing our composure. I have seen friends going about their daily life smoothly suddenly falling into the abyss of their hangover of the past- breakups, lost friends, unsatisfactory academic performance, family tensions, failure- anything. Its not the regression that bothers me, but the instant recovery is what I am seeking. Regression is sad. Its upsetting and unhealthy.


vandy said...


i can understand

as times & again i also encounter this restlessness

and hey

recover soon
don't think much about past
as whatever happens,,happens for the good


take care

& best of luck for ur preparation

vandy said...


Jaunty anima said...

I'm sure u've recovered by now, haven't you Geetu? BRave gal, that you are!

Btw there's an award waiting for u on my blog!

the enigma said...

Ya I am facing the same situation.. and I don't know why this CAT can't gather the energy we used to put in our 12th grade for engg entrances... my CAT prep sucks big time.. but at least you are putting the effort