Saturday, March 27, 2010

#34 I Want You Back..... NOW !

Hey baby,

Its been 12 long cruel days and sleepless nights since i lost you from my sight. Not a moment passes when i don't think about you and worry about where and how you'd be doing. I think about you all the time. The loss is too much for me to handle. I miss you all the time. And so does my laptop. We both miss you every damn time when we need to transfer data or just play around with you. Miss the times when I would proudly flash you around and others would marvel at your beauty. You tiny cute little thing, i did every possible thing in the world to look for you, pestered everyone to give me any tiny lead about you, and even offered a stupid pendrive in return for you. Ohh I could give my entire fortune to have you back.
You are just so special to me, and so was the way you came into my life. The one who gave you to me is gone too, I can't afford to lose you now. I remember how he took the pains of ordering you for me and gifting it to me during the time I badly needed someone to take away my grief of parting with my final year friends last year. You may be gone, but I can't rest until I have you back. I'm so much in love with you. I confess I would secretly stare at you for hours alltogether when you lay beautifully on my study table and I would pretend to be reading, while i would actually ogle at you. I was too scared to let you know, lest you shall get angry. I promise I wont offend you now, just don't be mad at me and come back please. please :(

To the person who stole picked it after it got dropped, or the one who took it from me and dropped it somewhere , I really hope you choke a cookie and get a spaz attack return it back soon.

*sob sob*

In a childish tantrum + heartbroken lover's moans,



priyakumarNITB said...

awww... I hope u find it soon. And i hope you distribute loads of cookies around .;)

vandy said...

oh my god!!!!

i'll pray that whosoever took,,,returns it back

p.s. i lost two of mine :(

G said...

@priya di: im not able to live without it :(
ps: werent u supposed to be dieting? :P

@vandy: its not just any other pd.. it was my life :( :(

sepo said...

i really hope and pray you get it back..!!