Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#25 Dear Life : Slow Down a Bit , PLEASE !

Remember how i was yapping in my last post about how certain things in my life were changing so fast...? One of them being getting a two-wheeler, something i had nearly sweared in school time never to even ride on, let alone getting a one for myself. For i considered it one of the most unsafe vehicles on road and i was too scared of hurting myself in a raod accident.. Well, seemed like life does want me to break my shell real fast, and before i could get accustomed to driving my vehicle, i met with an accident. A minor one though, but still it feels horrbile to have fallen off the vehicle for no good reason,that too when i was riding pillion and not driving. Fortunately,just a few abrasions and stabbing sprain in the leg, no fractures or displacements to the much dismay of some devil friends of mine who were wishing for atleast a few broken bones so they could have the 'privilege' ,as they say, of getting rid of me and my blabbering for a few weeks. Though they insist they would have definitely come to visit me at the hospital to have a good time watching me helpless and incapable of thrashing them for making fun of me. And for some girfriends who mentioned how disappointed they were when i returned from the hospital with just a tetanus injection and painkillers in hand, shattering their plans of stayin out of the hostel in the nights, bringing me flowers and chocolates and even "pink-ifying" the hospital room if i were to stay there for long.. How utterly touching, i must say !!
So, my foot is dressed royally,and im not able to flex it properly.But after a night's bed rest, i'm back to jumping and hopping around ( how can i not! ) with a limping gait ofcourse.. I just hope the pain subsides and the wounds heal soon, cuz after 2 days of trying to take it in light spirits and working consciously on not letting the injury bother my activities, it still does hinder my daily chores, especially the sponsorships work of Ripple (which incidently got postponed for a week!)
Well, on a positive note though, i'm having the time of my life being cared and looked after for, feels so nice to have friends flocking my room/ in the class to ask for my health and being treated in the canteen ( by the devil friends obviously) and getting meals served to me right in my room.. Im having as much fun being given a vip status as much as wanting to get out of this handicap ASAP ! life can really get so funny...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey u knw wat i hv this kind of fantasy to get a fracture (left arm) & then all my frndz writing their get well soon messages on it

and ya two wheelers r nt safe
i hv fallen twice frm them
once frm frnd's scooty
n once frm cousin's bike
but nvr consulted a doctor
n din got a fracture :(

Jessica Compuesto said...

you're right. life is really fast. can i be your friend?please visit my blog at

zuko said...

congrats on the magazine :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

collect ur award frm my blog