Wednesday, June 3, 2009

#18 Random Reflection..

What happens to you when you discover that somebody whom you had considered a close and trustworthy pal hasnt been as sincere and honest to you, rather had always compelled you to question your own decisions and challenge your beliefs ?
Violins playing sad notes suddenly appearing in the background?
Loud metallic sounds ? Crash ! boom ! bang ??
An exquisite crystal artpiece falling in slow motion and shattering into a thousand pieces with your heart echoing every sound it makes ??
One full- fledged intensely melodramatic script forming in your head, waiting to blurt out right at the next confrontation?

You just get up and go about your days like any other day with routine precision. You talk, you smile, you eat, you go out, you drive, you meet people, you respond to calls , you mail and mail back, you socialise, you scrap-ping-comment-tag on your online network...only at the back of the mind it seems that you have misplaced something somewhere - and when you sit and think about it, you realise it is some tiny little part of you that is probably dead.


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

was it my story??????
i wonder how u knw it??????
i knw it's not mine but it is exactly like mine
with each such thing,,,,one part of me is dead,,,,,,,n now i think cuz of all those dead parts,,,the sense of bonding n all that emotions hv vanished in me

Urvi said...

So true. Everyone goes through this atleast once in their life.
And to make that little tiny part alive a real fight.

surbhit said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know where I read these lines,but I find them really true..
In a relationship, one person always give much more than other one, and nobody wants to be the first one.May be you were the first one type.
Every Relation go through such a phase.May be the mentioned friend,doesn't realize this.As u said friend was trustworthy,close or dear,he/she tend to be a nice person.I believe there is always a second chance,in fact many chances.
Talk it over,if other one realizes, may be he/she will give heart and soul.Some relationships are part of life, and as you said part of u is dead.Think it over Do u really want to let the person go??..God bless ya!!!

G said...

thanks funkyrave for the comment, nice to see you read the blog, but i would've appreciated more if u hadnt made it anonymous :)
and about the lines,well, true, but what if all the options you mentioned have been tried umpteen times and rendered useless in the end,despite all efforts??
and on a lighter note, it was jus a random thought in my head which i scribbled,why are u makin it sound like some failed tragic love stroy,ehhh??

funkyrave said...
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Rahil Choudhary said...

Well Said !!