Saturday, June 6, 2009


I intended to write, rather type a long post today, non-emo , for a change :P
But now im looking for something that saves me the efforts i had to make to move my ass and brushing aside my passion of procrastination and laziness in playing with the english words to come up with something that qualifies close to being called a 'post'...But english language ( or any for that matter) yet again , seems incapable to translating my emotions exactly into words right now.
Had an eventful day, with ironically nothing much 'eventful' happening. A dull drowsy morning cleaning the trash my room had become, followed by a gloomy hot afternoon glued to the television .Had only one thing to look forward to, a nice evening and a long drive with fellow blogger and friend, Vandana. Had promised her yesterday to go mug shopping for her. Thankfully, she was sweet enough to put the details here and so i cut the post short ;)
Goodnight people..

PS: A few of my college friends arrived in the city today.. my two tech-grandads and their friend :D :D :D
I'm soo excited about meeting them tomorrow..even after them graduating from the college .. yeyy


Urvi said...

See if you don't have alot to say to put it all on one post..just a few sentences..join twitter! It's microblogging :)

G said...

twitter ! yea.. i was bit by the twitter bug looong back, but left it dormant due to my board exams, and then forgot the password :P
btw, wassup wid you publicising twitter everywhere ;)

Urvi said...'s nt publicising re..i just want people i know to join so it's more sense that i am on it! :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

do let me know abt ur meeting ok
i'm dying to know
u knw wat something is tickling me inside
i guess u knw