Friday, May 29, 2009

#17 Freedom..

Birds symbolise freedom in its true essence. Everytime I see a bird in gently swooping down on a branch of a tree and breaking into a full throated song, I feel a longing deep within to join the bird on its next journey so I can learn its detachment to roots, its perseverence to rebuild every spring and most importantly its ability to let go and still be able to sing. This is something i'm still struggling to learn.To have a control on one's emotions and not let the emotions take over.To be completely in control of one's life - to be totally free and write one's own script all along the way. To be able to be here - in the middle of it all, love without owning, give without seeking,care without brooding, have without craving and live without holding -Is that not the essence of being free? Amidst all these worldly entanglements and cobwebs of life, work, responsibilites, relationships.. haven't we acutallly lost the real free spirit in us ? Does the song ever come naturally ?


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well said
even i feel so
i jus hope someday i'll make my life like this

Alfan said...

wow...u have a beautiful mind... :)

Rahil Choudhary said...

human relations are the most easy ones to handle when going smooth and on the contrary most difficult ones when out of track. So the key is to start enjoying every little happiness we see around. I too used to think a lot about life, but am too tired doing that.

And the post - beautifully written !!

G said...

thankyou :)