Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#37 They say love is there at every corner of the world......

and i think i'm probably running around in circles !!

okay before you jump into some exercise of the grey cells, please don't bother ;) Its not any desperate-chasing-of-love-attempt rant, but a text I received by my friend a couple of days back. I liked it a lot, so I put it up on my Google Buzz status.

Its this one reply by a batchmate that got me literally open mouthed..He gave me a link of a page in reply to the staus.. Its a research paper by a Tristan Miller of German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence...dates way back to 20 December 1999. You must read this! Someone can actually propose a mathematical model for the reason behind the inability of some men to find them suitable dates!!

Here's the link
Why I Don't Have A Girlfriend !

Apparently I have Artificial Intelligence paper to write tomorrow o-O

Crazy !

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