Thursday, April 22, 2010

#36 Anger

There's a lot of anger in me today. Anger over not having a control over myself regarding certain things I need to be focussed and clear about. Unfortunately, even after 20 years of existance I still havent figured out an effective and constructive outlet to this anger,and more often than not the anger turns into misery and turmoil in the head.
Will things truly be ok? We don't know if they will remain the same, change for the better or change for the worse... and that is what life brings us... questionable moments of this sinking time...time that washes away or lifts us up to the surface..
How much more of this can one take? Others do have it worse that I do, but I am going on sinking and I am questioning and I am wondering about everything and anything. Am I even making sense?

They say everything will be ok. It all needs time.

They don't know or they havent done enough. I have given enough time. Much more than enough. Waiting for things to settle and start over again. And I have noticed them not getting back to OK, but reaching a point of no-return. Time is needed only to get the stupid stuborn head to realize that the moment is gone and nothing can be done about it, and its time it move own and give up brooding over spilled milk.........

But what if you just dont want to let things go out of hand, and keep on trying to set things OK and figure out ways, no matter how illogical, to keep holding on to those things? Only making yourself sillier in the process??


vandy said...


same here
i try a lot things get ok for sometime but then again.........

that's life....

and about anger

tell me the cure if u find one

Jaunty anima said...

Go...swat flies...take a pen and murder ur notebook...punch a soft toy...may be that'll help!!;)