Monday, July 6, 2009

#23 I'm a driver now :P

I just gave my driving test today .. As I already told u a few days back, i’ve been driving for almost 5 years now. Solely because I used to feel very bad when my parents had to take off time from their busy schedule to pick/ drop me off everytime I had to commute. Not that they complained, but it jus felt horrible for making them rush from one corner of the city to act driver to me,for silliest of reasons as going to a friend’s place, buying a magazine or even getting new ribbons for school !! So, I wanted to get independent in doing these petty jobs myself and not bother my parents anymore. Then, driving came to my rescue when in 11th-12th, I had my entrance coachings and it was difficult for my mom or dad to drive me to and back from the institute daily. So I had a car to myself…( but with a learner’s license ofcourse).
Somehow I jus couldn’t find time within the validity period of my learner’s license to give a driving test. later on I went off to the college, and getting a license was out of the question.. Many friends suggested I could get one made easily through agents. I just needed to grease their palms a bit. But my dad, an honest citizen that he is, was obviously reluctant and insisted on going the legal way no matter how long it takes. Thanks to the extremely loooong sem break this time, I got my learner’s license renewed a month back and just about managed to obtain my test date for a day before I am to head back to college..
Believe me, no matter how good/ confident you are at a thing, you are bound to freak out during the ‘D-day’ . Atleast that’s true in my case. And I fail to understand why was it such a big deal when all I had to do was drive in front of a bunch of people and show them that I could move the car through tough turns too and that I had a decent sense of traffic signs/ signal/ rules. Isint that what I normally do ?? Still, my heart was pounding badly, and the fact that the ‘examiners’ as well as my dad were watching me was nerve racking, despite all the assurances from dad that it was ok even if I dint make it through.. I seriously thought I wont be able to even start the car, and that I should’ve gone for the easier path in getting a license made, instead of this mini-trauma.. Most of all I dint want to disappoint dad.

Yeah so I finally gave the test... and I PASSED !!! the instructor said I drove well. I’m sooo excited and happy, more so because my dad wanted me to do it the legal way. We both are like proud of each other today :)

Btw, my vacations have ended and I’ll be leaving home tomorrow morning :(
and reach the college and hostel and meet my friends the day after :) :)


zuko said...

Well, I think your Dad did the right thing.
Secondly, drive safely, some people just get the license.
thirdly, it's the latest in ed board, we always used to walk back down to the hostel ;)

Jaunty anima said...

Hey driver!!congoz!!!!

Anonymous said...

now go for the next level...license for Buses and Lorries and then for these 14 wheelers 20 wheelers..and then the aircrafts, then may be F1 and then fighter aircraft and then space shuttles

Rahil said...

Me Still waiting to get the licence.. :(

Anyways congaz..u an official driver..!!