Sunday, September 13, 2015

#106. New Chapter

So this is it. It is finally happening.
After three months of being in a state of perpetual hibernation at home post packing up and moving back from Bangalore, I have again packed up and moved. This time to the United Kingdom. For a year. For my MBA. At University of Oxford!
A decision taken 10 months back is finally seeing light today, and I can for certain admit that this is all for real. Everyone around me was thrilled, and my future classmates were ecstatic (from their Facebook updates), but I was hardly able to emote and express. Something seemed wrong.
It didn't sink in until I visited the University yesterday to collect my residence permit and have a look at my apartment where I will stay for the term. The place is magnificent, and now much more than from what I saw as a tourist when I was here in 2013. Although one year is too less a time to soak in the expereince alongside my hectic MBA schedule, I hope to do justice to my time there.
I guess the excitement is finally setting in. Finally. 

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