Thursday, October 30, 2014

#100 . The Hundredth Post

Much deliberation. One conclusion. That the more I keep planning to make the 100th post as a milestone or something, the less likely it is going to happen in next hundred years or something.So what the heck.
How has 2014 been shaping up for me? Pretty amazing, I'd say.
The year brought with it quite many changes in my life. Some happened that I had no control over, while there were some that I had to make happen. Got *almost* diagnosed with an incurable condition, exercised my way out of it. Gained weight, lost twice as much. Took up a few interesting projects. A big one happening next month end and I'm absolutely thrilled about it. Few personal resolutions were met, some broken.
But most importantly, I have finally decided to take a big step in life and break my cocoon of complacence (read: indolence). Working on achieving something important this year and never before have I wanted this bad for it to work out for me. 
Wish me luck!


Suguna Dewan said...

All the best geet_k! I'm sure you will achieve the 'big' thing.

S.G. Shrinivas said...

Good luck GK!! :)