Friday, January 3, 2014

#95. Year-end post

So I end up procrastinating on the day I was supposed to sit and take a stock of the year I mostly wasted away. The world was supposed to have ended in 2012, as the Mayans told us. Only that 2013 showed up, and went on to mock at my plans for the year just as probably the number 13 does for those who believe in astrology.

The general mood for 2013 seemed to be largely based on accepting change and having to let go. Of things that are too dear but eventually go. Those we hold too tightly but need to give up for our own good. Things we take for granted until they’re gone.

Year that started with me purchasing my first DSLR ( no I did not start a photography page, neither will ) ended with an impulsive purchase of Kindle tab, despite hoarding my shelves with scores of books I could lay my hands on throughout the year.

A new phone was bought too, which meant giving away the one I was gifted 3 years ago by brother on campus placement, and anyone who knows me personally would testify how hard it was for me to part with it. I have a knack of getting attached to my possessions and giving any away means killing the memory that I have grown to associate that particular thing with.

Did I work insanely hard this year, or did I use work as an excuse for anything else that came my way, I do not know. While this year I finally gathered the strength to cut all ties with a relationship that was damaging to say the least, I also didn't do enough to stop my best friend from moving to Delhi to chase his dreams.

Trip to London happened for 22 days right in the middle of year, with all 4 of the family together after ages. Made me realize how with each passing day the distance never ceases to stop growing and before I could even land back to Bangalore, I was already homesick. Losing a childhood friend to a tragic road accident made me want to get done with the year even more.

There were definitely some happy times too. My 24th birthday was made special in ways I could've never anticipated, I made some lovely new friends who I can’t imagine my life without now, I moved to a new apartment with a few of my college friends that make me relive hostel days. And I performed for the first time on stage in front of 4000+ audience for our company’s annual day dance competition ( and if I’m allowed to brag about it, my group won 1 Lakh cash prize too :D ).

If there’s one thing that 2013 taught me, it’s that taking things for granted is a sin. So is assuming things will be done if you intend to without having to do something about them. I wrote too little. Read far too little books. Took too few pictures. Met fewer people. Hardly took any risk. While I planned to do too much of them all throughout the year. There cannot be anything more tragic than being in a state where you squander away the time you’re given to make the best out of.


S.G. Shrinivas said...

Yaay! You finally wrote.
Happy New Year! And hope 2014 is filled with pleasant memories :).

PS: I always have this feeling that you wrote about in the last line of the post.

Suguna Dewan said...

Great post! Encouraged me to complete my year-end (or year beginning) post which is currently saved in drafts on this insomniac night.

PS: 2014 will be happier ;)

SEPO said...

Loved the post :)
Heres hoping for a happier 2014

G said...

@SG : Happy New Year to you too :)
LAST line is something that haunts me too :P
@Suguna : It sure will! And please do write!
@Sepo, Thanks. Cheers!