Saturday, January 21, 2012

#84. The follow up post

So in my last post, I was moaning over a habit lost and difficult to get back at. I knew it was time I hit the panic button ( ok I know I'm being melodramatic here but it really had gotten this serious blimey) and do something about it. The next day in office, a friend and I were discussing about books in general when I told him how I have nearly lost the stamina to pick up a book and hold on to it for more than a few minutes. Thankfully, he could relate to what I was trying to explain as he was finding it hard to re-start his CAT preparation too after joining office. We both for seeking the much needed external kick to get started with what we needed to do before it was too late. We decided to start helping each other out by setting goals for ourselves each day, announce to the other person about our goals, get home and get to our books. We are not to sleep until we've achieved our target, failing which the target for the next day is raised by the other person.
4 days down and he is starting to gain momentum with his preparation, and I am almost in the middle of my novel ! Well it is mostly because I have read this one before, but since I wanted to start with something light and I had forgotten the plot of this one, I decided to re-read this. So I can finish this off soon and move on to its sequels, while at the same time I don't get bored off it easily. I feel much better and positive about starting my year with an making an honest effort on something I am passionate about.
Also, so that I do not waver in my plan and before I start ignoring my friend's pestering to stick to my challenge , I found this website where I will take up a reading challenge. Basically, one registers on this website and sets a personal goal for himself for the year, to read the number of books that he decides for himself. The website keeps track of how close/far the person is from his goal and how long will it take to reach his target going by his current reading rate.
I am registering with the site with a decent target to begin with, 30 books to read in 2012. The welcome mail I receive in my inbox looks promising:
" Thanks for signing up on Goodreads — you won't regret it, we promise. "

So far so good. I hope this works out for me well ! I publish this on the blog announcing my plan to the world so that I am constantly reminded of a promise taken by me, for me. For my own good.

Would you like to take the GoodReads challenge too ??

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