Saturday, July 31, 2010

#45 Typo Queen that I am :P

OK so a FRIEND of mine just pointed this out to me. Wonder why I put "friend" in caps? Well, nothing to do with the overrated Friendship's Day, please. Its because i spelt the word wrong in the title of my previous post !! :P
Error of speed, I must mention. I frequently make such typos, some of which have landed me at some embarrassing situations with people too. I was surprised to be pointed out to that I had got an error in the title itself. No doubt this friend is an Editor in our Editor Board.. But wait a minute, so am I ! How they hell did they find me worthy enough O_O
Ohh, and by the way, before I end this senseless post, heres congratulating him again on securing a job in Shapoorjee Pallonjee Constructions. I know I MUST HAVE got the spellings wrong, but its better than Cheepunji that I called it the first time :P
So congrats buddy , and don't forget the treat ;-)


Shrinivas said...

Nice one ;). Both this one and the previous. Editor, Shapoorji - fits two of us :P.

Anyways, thanks a lot.

Guess this is my first comment here.

G said...

finally, you officially made your presence :)

Gurdit said...

I totalyl saw taht, but I deicded not to mentoin it for fun.